The Toronto Marlies have created The Game is Fun! A free program where the goal is to place the emphasis on fun while ensuring a positive hockey experience...

There are 2 elements of The Game is Fun program, The on-ice element of the program allows young minor hockey players to work on their skating skills as an individual and as a team by participating in fun drills while testing various aspects of their skating. Some drills require pucks, while others do not. Other props such as pylons and “sweet hands” stick handling tool are also used to effectively teach control, agility, speed and focus on fun!

As not all hockey skills are developed on the ice, the off ice component of The Game Is Fun! Program uses different inflatables and interactive games, activities and giveaways to share with kids how to incorporate fun into skill development.

If you would like The Game Is Fun! to come on the ice with your team, download the request form here or register your team online here. You can also hang up The Game Is Fun! poster in your local arena to let everyone in your community know about the free program the Toronto Marlies and Ricoh offer.

If you would like to have The Game Is Fun crew come out to your practice or event please register online or  download the Request Form and Fax to:

Ian Meagher
Coordinator, Media and Community Relations
Toronto Marlies Hockey Club
Fax: (416) 263-3901

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