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February, 2011

Hey Fans:)


It's a Lion ... It's a Whale ... It's me the only mascot in the AHL, who can do a PAWstand using only one PAW!


Photo taken by Sherry Jean-Toronto Marlies

But this month’s blog enTAILS more than just my PEDIGREE of TRICKS!


Photo taken by Cynthia Irani


As I was the only PUPPY who had the PAWleasure of attending a BARK out loud FUN skating Event with my good FRIENDS from Easter Seals Ontario.


Photo taken by Cynthia Irani

For the 2011 Easter Seals Skate at the Master Card Centre for Hockey Excellence.


Photo taken by Mike Ferriman-Toronto Maple Leafs

Oh my dogs was this ever a FANtastic event for a truly TAIL WAGGING cause. You see fans, Easter Seals Ontario is committed to helping kids with physical disabilities succeed!



Photo taken by Mike Ferriman-Toronto Maple Leafs

This FAR- FETCHED skating event featured my fellow LEAFS NATION members that included the entire TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS ROSTER along with the COOLEST POLAR BEAR in HOCKEY with the warmest HEART, the one and only CARLTON THE BEAR!


Photo taken by Justin Leonard

I can honestly HOWL that throughout the event I was BEGGIN for affection....


Photo taken by Justin Leonard


because I truly loved HANGING out with everyone!


Photo taken by Cynthia Irani


As always, I was delighted to FETCH out the High fives….no matter how HIGH they were because nothing is to OVER THE TOP for me!


Photo taken by Karen Ritter


Just PAWlease make sure you always have a parent/guardian’s consent before attempting any kind of TRICKS.


It was also HOWLINGLY delightful seeing some of my good friends Cynthia and Karen



but, It was also FANtastic meeting new friends as well!



Photo taken by Cynthia Irani


and even when I was on the ice, I never shied away from DUKEing out a dance move to the sounds of some POOCHalicious tunes!



Photo taken by Cynthia Irani


My Round of a PAWS goes out to all the staff, volunteers and participants who made this event a TAIL WAGGING delight!


Photo taken by Mike Ferriman-Toronto Maple Leafs

PAW-rops (props) to Cynthia, Karen, Sherry, Justin, Ron and Mike for taking so many FANtastic photos of me!


Photo taken by Justin Leonard

Last but Not LEASH Fans, as soon as you finish reading this blog. PAWlease send me an email duke@torontomarlies.com  about the blog, and you will have a chance at winning your very own VIP (Very Important PUPPY) PRIZE package valued at over one BONEilion dollars!



Photo taken by Ron Linden


Until next time, see you PUPPIES later!


Tuesday January 18, 2011 

Hey Fans:)

It's a Moose ...it's a Griffin...It's me the only mascot in the AHL teaching you how to do the worm!

Duke the Dog here, back with another edition of my POOCHalicious blog!

Photo taken by Trevor

I would like to begin my DOG - on blog, by BARKING out that I hope you all had a FAR FETCHED holiday season and I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

For the Holidays, I snuggled up with my brand new CHEW toy, snacked on a bag of kibble and watched the movie SANTA PAWS!

But this time of year is far more important than the toys you get, the food you eat or the movies you watch. I realize this might seem SILLY to some of you, but I'm BEGGIN all of you to flap your EARs back and listen to what I have to HOWL ...You see FANS, the holidays are really about hanging out with your family and friends. It's also about reflecting back on all the good times you shared together and last but not LEASH it's also about the importance of giving back to your community.

Photo taken by Nate

For me I consider any MARLIES FAN, my BEST FRIENDS.

Photo taken by Stephanie

So of course my fondest memories come from amazing people like you, because after all fans, if it wasn't for you my TAIL would have no wag!

Photo taken by Jo-Ann

So here is the LAY DOWN of some of the FUN times

Photo taken by Cynthia

That I have unLEASHED down in my DOG house - RICOH COLISEUM and some ways that me and the MARLIES have helped give back to the community this season!

Just like in years past, we have had a PAWful of special theme games this season that included our Movember game

Photo taken by Cathy

which we helped raise awareness for prostate cancer!

Followed by our Pink in the Rink game, where we helped raise money for the Mary Kay Foundation

Photo taken by Cathy

But PAWS down one of my favorite games so far this season was the Teddy Bear Toss game!

Even though I love my brother Carlton the Bear very much, fortunately for his own safety he stayed at home for this game!

But that's not all, as the FANS who PAWticipated in the Teddy Bear Toss, ROLLed over to section116 and received a FREE pair of tickets to another game!

So make sure you SNIFF out our upcoming theme games to see what other PRIZES that will be BARKED out from my DOGGIE bag of TREATS!

Photo taken by Asif Khan

It was also a real TREAT for me to PAWticipate once again this year in some truly FANtastic cheque presentations that were made out to some FANominal causes. It all started off on October 17, as not only did we FETCH the entire Toronto Maple Leafs team over for an open practice but we also PAWED out $ 1,500 to Children's Mental Health Ontario.

On November 24th we ROLLed out $8,600 to D.A.R.E Halton

and on December 4th we RETRIEVED $1,000 BONEilion dollars to Community Living Ontario.

We are always looking to contribute to a HOWLingly amazing cause , so if you know of one PAWlease email me at duke@torontomarlies.com

So far this season I have attended over 50 events and I can honestly say that everyone of them deserved my very own round of a PAWS.

Events like the Rogers Holiday party, BMO Breakfast and Woof Stock were BARK Out Loud FUN!

The Rogers party allowed me to ROLL over with joy on the indoor roller coaster...


and I DUKED out a HOUNDlingly adventurous journey down the inflatable slide!

At the BMO pancake Party

I had a POOCHarific time as I was able to PRANCE around with my older, well mannered and taller brother.....  Let's just say that I truly look up to him, the one and only Carlton the Bear from our Toronto Maple Leafs. I also had the PAWleasure of hanging out with the only mascot in the NBA with a 95% dunking accuracy and the only dinosaur who can dunk over a bunch of cheerleaders, my IDOL The Raptor!

Woofstock allowed me to stand on my two HIND legs and represent my fellow CANINE friends as TORONTO'S TOP DOG!

While other events like our community practices and Anti Bullying school assemblies were also Fun but thanks to our award winning play by play announcer John Bartlett, they were informative and educational as well!

We also visited our friends from The Sick Kids Hospital for an exciting game of Bingo.

Our visit to the hospital reminded me of how important it was to provide these children with an enjoyable and a positive experience for them at the hospital.

On behalf of our entire team, we wish all the boys and girls at Sick Kids a heartfelt speedy recovery!

As you know FANS, even though it's a new year we still have the PAWleasure of cheering on the MARLIES for another 36 games, and guess what? .....23 of those games will be taking place at our home, Ricoh Coliseum...

Photo taken by Derek Keoughan

and not to WAG my own TAIL or anything but we have you, the COOLEST FANS in HOCKEY

Photo taken by Asif Khan

So I hope you all plan on coming over to my DOG House

Photo taken by Derek Keoughan

Don't forget to throw me a BONE once in a while

Photo taken by Mark

By adding me on Facebook Duke Marlies and following me on twitter @marliesDuke75 because, it's the best way to keep up with my PEDIGREE as I'm constantly posting TAIL WAGGING photos, videos, status updates and more...

Until next time see you PUPPIES later!  


Wednesday October 6, 2010 

Hey Fans:)

Last Friday, my friends from Bradford, Ontario and I partied it up MARLIES style as the silly Rochester Americans took on our fun spirited TORONTO MARLIES!

And guess what fans?! Thanks to the good folks from the Bradford Bulldogs Hockey Association, I even got to wear my very own Bradford Bulldogs jersey!

The game started off on high note with the ceremonial puck drop and the singing of the national anthems!

In the late stages of the first period with the game tied at 0-0, I knew I had to do something to give our boys in blue the extra support that they needed.

Like any good Puppy, I placed my BONE on the ground and began to rally the MARLIES faithful!

But then HORROR struck, as those silly Rochester Americans scored a goal and took the lead in the hockey game :(

I knew right then and there that we were in need of something; special…something  extraordinary something MAGICAL!!!!!


So I decided to unLEASH our very own magical drum!

This drum is magical because it has the power to turn the passionate sound of “Let’s GO MARLIES” into MARLIES GOALS.

On this night, our magical drum made it a thrilling game full of MARLIES MAYHEM! We scored not one, not two, not even 3,4,5 or 6 BUT 7 DOG-on AMAZING GOALS!

Did you know fans that this drum was used back in the 1700s by the DUKE of MARLBOROUGH and was instrumental in helping the MARLIES win their final Memorial Cup championship in 1974?

Right now you’re probably wondering what this drum looks like ……well guess what fans????… You can see it at every one of our home game, and who knows maybe you will  have the PAWleasure of BANGing out the “LET’s GO MARLIES” chant

To put it simply, we were serving up goals by the PAWful

Like any good PET I maintained my top DOG status as a MARLIES best friend and stayed really close to the players….. some would say even a little to close.


I even managed to team up with the Tim Hortons Hockey Association for a far–FETCHED game of Timbits hockey on the ice, where the first GOAL was having fun!


It was truly FANtastic listening to the overwhelming support that the fine people of Bradford provided us with!

To no one’s surprise, we ended up winning the game PAWS down! YAYA

Last but not LEASH, as you know fans, this season is the AHL’s 75th anniversary. In preparation for this special season, I have spent the entire off season training hard on my PEDIGREE. I am confident that with your help we can make this the BEST SEASON EVER for the league, the MARLIES and most importantly for you the fans! So don’t be a shy puppy and PAWlease send me your comments and ideas at  duke@torontomarlies.com…..Remember fans, I promise you that I will always flap my ear over and listen to what you have to say.




. . .
Friday, September 24, 2010 

Hey Fans:)


Do I ever have a TAIL to tell you!  Last weekend, I attended not one, but two PAWfect events!

It all started on Saturday, when the Game is Fun Tour Presented by Ricoh, reunited me with my DOGgon good friends from Bradford Ontario.  We all HOWLed over the great food and great atmosphere.

But the fun really started to inflate when we took part in some highly entertaining hockey games in the friendly inflatable confines of Duke Gardens

Throughout the contest, I DUKEd out several big saves ……

Thanks in large part to my specially designed doggie gloves.

If you really want to see some super nice saves, I invite you to come down to Bob Fallis Sports Centre, on October 1 to witness the first ever AHL game played in Bradford Ontario. Our loveable Toronto Marlies will be competing like cats and DOGS, as we take on the evil Rochester Americans.


On Sunday, I woke up super early, jumped out of bed, ate a full nutritious bowl of KIBBLE and ran over to Upper Canada College (UCC) to honour the legacy of one the greatest Canadian of all time - Terry Fox -  by taking part in the Terry Fox Run.

You see fans, 30 years ago, Terry was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18.  Terry was both sadden yet inspired by his illness, so he then decided to run across Canada in support of finding a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, due to his illness he was unable to finish his marathon of hope.
In tribute to Terry Fox and in support of his dream, people from around the world gather every year in their cities or towns and run a marathon to help fund research for the cure for all cancers.

I felt very privileged to help lead off the race

And really enjoyed hanging out with so many wonderful participants

and volunteers

I truly had a ball!

After the race was finished


I made my way over to the kids’ zone and signed up for some fun!

I started of by rolling out the fun!

And treated myself to some ….I mean ALL of the cotton candy.  Hopefully, next time I’ll remember to bring my doggie bag!

What can I say, I’m such a silly PUPPY sometimes!

My heartfelt round of aPAWS , goes out to all the boys and girls from around the world who ran the marathon on Sunday and helped raise awareness and funds for the Terry Fox Foundation.  Thanks to your support, the Terry Fox Foundation to this date has raised over $500 million worldwide for cancer research.





. . .

Friday, September 10, 2010 

Hey Fans:)

With the dog days of summer behind us, we now begin to shift our attention towards the upcoming season. That’s right fans, last Monday I unLEASHed the fun at the Leafs and Legends Charity Golf Classic, presented by TD Waterhouse.

The tournament featured a wealth of experience, as the participants had the opportunity to interact and play golf alongside Coaches and current and Alumni players from your Toronto Marlies and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The best part was that they all came out to help raise funds and awareness for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment charity, called Team Up Foundation. The Team Up Foundation uses these funds to help support underprivileged children attend Camp Maple Leaf.

I really enjoyed greeting everyone by showcasing some of my top DOG dance moves along the Marlies and Maple Leafs blue carpet!

What can I say, I’m one dog who knows how to shake his TAIL!

Through out the tournament Carlton and I enjoyed the company of over 300 hundred really exciting guests. Even goaltender from the Toronto Maple Leafs #50 Jonas Gustavsson turned in his goalie pads for a pair of golf shoes on this momentous day!

I even got to meet two very friendly ladies from Molson Canadian

But two PAWticipants in particular really stood out in my mind!

You see fans anytime your joined by two great minds from the Toronto Maple Leafs

Head Coach, Ron Wilson

and Captain #3 Dion Phaneuf

Make sure you always remember to flap your ears back and listen to what they have to say!

Thanks to the strong wind, it was not a problem for me!

My Round of aPAWS goes out to all the generous participants, volunteers and staff who helped raised over $50,000 in support of Camp Maple Leaf.


. . .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Last week I attended the Canadian National Exhibition, but cool puppies like me refer to it as the CNE or the EX!

Did you know that every year approximately over one million people visit the EX,
during its 18-day schedule? Thus, making it Canada’s largest community event and the 5th largest in North America? Last year the EX had a gross economic impact of $80 million ….Can you imagine all the dog toys you could buy with that much money!

In my opinion The CNE ROCKS! Because puppies like me get to dog around the grounds and take part in some super fun attractions. These awesome activities include carnival /sports games, amusement rides, live shows. It even provides me with the opportunity to hang out with thousands of loveable adults, teenagers and children like you!

Throughout my journey around the Ex, not only did I join in on the games…  

But I also won lots of prizes!

Even though I’m no DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors, I made it rain three pointers all day!

And I even became a prize as well!

Not all of the activities at the Ex take place on the ground.

Look Fans, it’s a bird …it’s a plane…

It’s me flying high above in the sky!

I truly loved going on the Ferris wheel and the swings, but after six rounds I started to feel like one sick puppy!

So, I decided to take a break!

After my break, I made a bet with my good buddy Froggy about who has the nicer frog stance….

...to his surprise I WON easily!

For lunch, I had a Jumbo Corn DOG. Did you know that Corn Dogs, are a specially prepared type of corn that is made just for Dogs!

After lunch, I bumped into Bruiser’s (from the Hamilton Bulldogs) younger brother. But don’t worry fans I made sure to take care of him ;)

My day really started to take off when I hung out with the Canadian Forces!

I can’t believe they let me fly one of their super awesome aircrafts!

I thought that just in case I had to do an emergency landing, I should learn the basic techniques. So then I practiced some search and rescue drills and mingled with some of the Canadian Naval Officers.

I even got to meet one of the Canadian Naval Reserve top Canine officers, as we both drooled over the BONE of Honour!

This year’s visit to the Ex was by far my most enjoyable one. I really did not want to leave!

My Round of A PAWS goes out to @Chansler and @KungPowLau. Thank you so much for spending so much time with me and taking some FANtastic photos and videos!
Any dog like me would be more than happy to call you a dog’s best friend!

Fans, don’t forgot to help out our friends in Pakistan. By texting “redcross” to 30333. A $5 donation will be added to your phone bill. All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross Pakistan relief efforts.


. . .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Last Saturday, I rallied up my friends in Bradford Ontario, as we attended Bradford’s own annual Carrot Fest!

Even though I left the festival without seeing a single carrot, I did, however, see tons of Marlies fans, who I’m sure will be attending our preseason game. Your loveable Toronto Marlies will take on the yucky Rochester Americans on Oct. 1 at Bob Fallis Arena in Bradford. The game starts at 7pm AND Its ONLY $30 per person! It even includes admission to a regular season Marlies game at Ricoh Coliseum. It’s a dog on good deal, if you ask me!

With our preseason schedule fast A POOCHING, this really got me thinking…. About how much the Marlies are going to kick some TAIL this year!

But we do have 38 days until our first preseason game. So in the meantime, here is something that should really get your PAWS wagging?

Right now you’re probably thinking oh my DOG, did Duke just do a crazy insane PAW Stand!

Answer: Yes I did! But remember fans, when doing any kind of stunts, make sure you always have the supervision of a guardian watching you at all times!

I bet you’re also thinking that all of our fans are humans like you

Well that’s not true! You see fans; even dogs like me can’t resist the charm and winning sprit of the Marlies!

What else can I say, I guess I’m one hot dog.

Until next time, see you puppies later.


. . .

Thursday, August 19, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Do I ever have a TAIL to tell you! This Wednesday, I hung out at my favorite hotel in the entire world, the Marriot Courtyard hotel. During my stay at this fun spirited hotel, I decided to emBARK on some off leash fun in support of the Children’s Miracle Network.


Did you know that the fine people over at the Marriot Hotels and Resorts of Canada have raised over $2 million in Canada alone, since 2001 for the Children’s Miracle Network?

This superb fundraiser featured, a FANtastic car wash, a silent auction, jam packed with tons of fun items and even some truly delicious BBQ food!

In fact, the BBQ was so delicious that I ate my hamburger in just one bite!

Besides eating all that great food, I also really enjoyed greeting fans and dancing!

Not to wag my own tail or anything, but I am such a great dancer that I can even dance while reading a magazine…How awesome is that!

The Fan of the Day award goes out to one of our many Toronto Marlies Facebook subscribers, named Stephanie; I hope you and your delightful son enjoy your brand new Leafs Nation wigs and flag!

My Round of A-PAWS goes out to all the wonderful participants and volunteers for making this a PAWfect event!


. . .

Monday, August 16, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Last Sunday, I had the PAWleasure of joining hundreds of Torontonians in Woodbine park, as we walked and inline skated in support for people with developmental disabilities. Since 2004 GETINLINE has raised a half a million dollars to provide programs for children and adults with development disabilities.


I was honoured to help lead in the opening stretches, I really made sure to stretch out every one of my limbs.

This festival was off the LEASH fun! There were so many A list celebrities that made this party poochalicious.

These FANtabolous celebrities include Carlton the Bear, Clay and Laura from Meet Me At the Marlies, long time Marlies season ticket holder DJ Evan B and last but certainly not least this years Miss Toronto was there too.

Now normally fans when it comes to marriage, I like to take it a PAW at a time. But by the end of the day I was ready to call Miss Toronto, Ms Duke. Unfortunately, her response was simply down boy. For more on this story, Make sure you follow Purebred Monthly Magazine. It’s your #1 source for the latest Duke gossip around town.

Remember fans if it was not for you, the best fans in the AHL my tail would have no wag!

My Round of a PAWS goes out to all the wonderful participants, fundraisers and volunteers for making this event sweeter than table food.


. . .

Thursday, August 12, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Last Friday, I got my BARK on by attending the 5th Annual Toronto East General Hospital Danforth Dash Bed Race. Participants from the race competed in a fun and friendly bed race and for the bragging rights to be crowned the Golden Bed Pan trophy winner…..it’s kind of like the alpha dog of Bed pans!

But that’s not all, as the proceeds raised from the bed race will help go towards Toronto’s East General Hospital's Capital Expansion Campaign


This race every year also helps kick off one of the greatest dog approved scented street festivals in all of Toronto, called the Taste of the Danforth.

I was fortunate enough to race alongside Jason the Argonaut and Hoppie the Kangaroo as we competed against the Argo Sunshine Girls and the Maple Leafs Baseball team.

When all was said and done, I aPAWlaud the Toronto Maple Leafs Baseball team for winning their first Golden Bed pan award. I was soo jealous that I decided to offer the Maple Leafs baseball team one BONEilion dollars for the prestigious Golden Bed Pan, but they respectfully declined my offer :(

Even though, we did lose the race I felt confident in the fact that I showed off my good sportsmanship skills by acting in an all bark and no byte manner! To be honest I blame my four left paws for losing the race.

But that’s enough dogging around for me. My ROUND OF A PAWS goes out to all the participants and volunteers, as well as the organizers who made this year’s event a HOWling delight!


. . .

Tuesday, August 5, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Oh my Kibble and bits did I ever have a busy day last Wednesday! My day got started bright and early….5:30 AM to be exact for some early morning workout fun!

You see fans, In order to get my body in the best possible shape for the upcoming season I join my friends over at Body By U Fitness INC. for some tough, but fun boot camp training. Body By U Fitness INC offers its students Indoor and outdoor fitness boot camp with locations in east and west Toronto providing 4 week programs and yearly memberships geared to juniors, teens, and adults.

What made it super cool, was that Athina one of the owners and coaches is not only a friendly spirited Marlies fan, but a long time season ticket holder as well!


For a full hour we worked on some serious stretching, weightlifting, running and balancing exercises…..we even snuck in some time to work on our picture posing abilities!

Later on in the morning, I teamed up with Coke Zero, the Leafs Mobile Fan Zone and Calrton the Bear as we helped promote the Leafs upcoming Coke Zero Fans First preseason game September 21 at the Air Canada Centre against the ap-PAW-lling Ottawa Senators;)

On board the Leafs Mobile Fan Zone we made stops throughout the day around the T.O.

The goal of the day was to give out as much free Coke Zero and free tickets to the Coke Zero Fans First Game as possible. The best part for me was being greeted by hundreds of passionate Leafs and Marlies fans at every stop!

Some of the Leaf and Marlies fans in attendance included some of Toronto’s finest police officers, and their delightful horses!

Remember fans, Coke Zero is the only Soda beverage that can truly stop me from licking my chops. I bet you’ve never seen a six foot tall Yorktown terrier ever drink four bottles of Coke Zero at one time before!....I think even the coke zero girls were impressed too ;)

I also made sure to recycle all the bottles afterward and I encouraged others to follow my lead!

Last but certainly not least I once again had the pleasure of attending the York Regional Police Youth Leadership Camp in Stoufville. I was joined by our award wining play by announcer and community leader John (Barts) Bartlett. John shared his insight on how to be proactive leaders in anti bullying at their schools and sports teams!

Every time we come up to this wonderful Youth Leadership Camp, we always seem to be in the company of some really good leaders who are both well mannered and great listeners!

In fact, these student leaders impressed us so much that we decided to introduce them to one of our greatest leaders, and that of course was Alex Foster!

My Round of a Paws goes out to all the wonderful participants at all three events who allowed me to have a fun day filled with lots of funny, exciting and happy memories!


. . .
Thursday, July 22, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I broke out the fun at Breakaway Sports Camp in Thornhill. Breakaway Sports Camp provides children with a unique one-of-a-kind experience that features more than just sports. It has arts, games, and weekly field trips, to name a few!


To my delight, Breakaway Sports Camp had an amazing inflatable jumpy jump!

For all you young fans out there, its important to remember to jump safely in a jumpy jump inflatable because even us professional jumpers fall sometimes…

But I was not alone at this event! You might know this NBA celebrity by the #95 on his jersey. Others know him as #1 in terms mascots in the NBA.

The one and only RAPTOR from your TOR-ON-TO RAPTORS joined me as well!

Later on in the day, I went out to one of my favorite camps devoted to helping the future leaders of tomorrow, today: The York Regional Police ‘Leo McArthur Youth Leadership Camp’. This camp is run and operated by Stouffville’s finest officers, the York Region Police! These officers provide students with instruction in the importance of character attributes and the role that these attributes play in the world of policing.

I was honored to be invited to this breathtaking camp and was delighted to be joined by John Bartlett our very own award winning play-by-play announcer. John once again stressed the crucial message of anti-bullying in both an educational and entertaining manner.

l look forward to returning next week and hanging out with a whole bunch of new students!

My Paw goes out to the York Regional Police, for not only supervising this Leadership Camp but for making it free for children who were fortunate enough to be selected by their schools. These children were selected because they possess strong character and leadership skills!


. . .

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I had a HOWLING good time at the Salaam Cup Ball Hockey Tournament at the one and only Malton Arena. In order to properly prepare myself for this exhilarating ball hockey tournament, I had no choice but to rest up all of Friday and Saturday. 


This event allows youth across Canada to compete in a fun and friendly ball hockey tournament for a chance at winning the prestigious Salaam Cup Trophy! But the main goal is to encourage everyone to be active and have a dog of a fun time!

I’ve never seen Malton Arena jam-packed with so many passionate fans at one time! Once the games got underway, the fun spirited fans in attendance made it feel as if the building was about to erupt with overflowing enthusiasm! It got me so HOUND up that I jumped out of my seat and lunged over the glass!

Even though I went home without wining the Salaam Cup ………I was crowned Old Yeller’s Most Valuable Pup of the day!


. . .
Thursday, July 22, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I broke out the fun at Breakaway Sports Camp in Thornhill. Breakaway Sports Camp provides children with a unique one-of-a-kind experience that features more than just sports. It has arts, games, and weekly field trips, to name a few!


To my delight, Breakaway Sports Camp had an amazing inflatable jumpy jump!

For all you young fans out there, its important to remember to jump safely in a jumpy jump inflatable because even us professional jumpers fall sometimes…

But I was not alone at this event! You might know this NBA celebrity by the #95 on his jersey. Others know him as #1 in terms mascots in the NBA.

The one and only RAPTOR from your TOR-ON-TO RAPTORS joined me as well!

Later on in the day, I went out to one of my favorite camps devoted to helping the future leaders of tomorrow, today: The York Regional Police ‘Leo McArthur Youth Leadership Camp’. This camp is run and operated by Stouffville’s finest officers, the York Region Police! These officers provide students with instruction in the importance of character attributes and the role that these attributes play in the world of policing.

I was honored to be invited to this breathtaking camp and was delighted to be joined by John Bartlett our very own award winning play-by-play announcer. John once again stressed the crucial message of anti-bullying in both an educational and entertaining manner.

l look forward to returning next week and hanging out with a whole bunch of new students!

My Paw goes out to the York Regional Police, for not only supervising this Leadership Camp but for making it free for children who were fortunate enough to be selected by their schools. These children were selected because they possess strong character and leadership skills!


. . .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

I’m super excited to tell you about my FUNtastic weekend!

It all started on Friday when I made a special visit to the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes is a charitable rehabilitation organization, that provides a variety of services to enhance the independence and community participation of people with physical disabilities.

It was great to see so many wonderful children taking part in a scrumptiously delicious barbecue! Looking back, my most cherished memory was seeing so many happy children’s faces after I gave them a PUPPY-back ride!

On Saturday, I felt a desire to take a relaxing road trip to the beach. To my delight, I enjoyed the company of thousands of passionate Leaf and Marlies fans at the Port Elgin Beach Party sponsored by Bruce Power. Duke Gardens once again featured a one-of-a-kind hockey experience for children. I must say that this was by far the best game of beach hockey I have ever seen!

After a hard day’s work, I busted out my bag filled with all my favorite beach goodies and headed down to the water.

Last but not least, on Sunday I left Marlies H.Q. early for a little vroom-vroom-zoom-zoom action courtesy of the Toronto Indy. I was joined by two of the very talented and lovable members of the Marlies Dance Team. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to enter the race using the one and only Toronto Maple Leafs Mobile Fan Zone.

But - you can enter for a chance to win some really cool Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Zone prizes courtesy of Rogers and BMO at http://mapleleafs.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=42370.


. . .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

This past Monday, I returned to the only hockey school that I know of that features such a star-studded cast of current, former, and --cross your fingers -- future Toronto Maple Leafs!


These highly talented Buds included former Leaf greats Wendel Clark, Darryl Sittler and Johnny Bower and current Leafs favorite Luke Schenn.

I'm of course talking about the Toronto Maples Hockey School presented by Rogers! This week’s visit allowed me to connect with the Atom and Novice children, who were taking part in the second and final week of this year’s hockey school.

We even brought out Duke Gardens (our very own mini stick arena)

Did you know that Duke Gardens does not require a ZamBONEe…I mean Zamboni?

However, is does require every participant to act safe and have fun!

And boys and girls did we ever have fun!

Due to my large dog physique, I was able to take up the majority of the goal cage. My teammates thought it was great and my competitors found it funny and challenging!

As a result, I was able to finish the day in net posting a howling .925 save percentage and a who let the dogs out 1.25 Goals against average!

My paw goes out to the Toronto Maple Leafs for providing children with the opportunity to PAWticipate in one far- FETCHED Hockey School!


. . .

Friday, July 9, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

I thought with all the scorching hot weather that we have been experiencing in the Greater Toronto Area, that what a better way to soak up the sun, then to play a good ol’e round of golf for a FANtastic cause!



Last Wednesday, It was my pleasure to attend the Swinging for Autism Golf Tournament at Glen Eagle Golf Club in Bolton Ontario. This tournament allowed the great folks over at the Shining Through Centre, the opportunity to raise money for children suffering with Autism. My heart goes out to those children with this disease. I wish that there was a cure and I APAWlaud those individuals who have made an effort to hopefully find a cure one day!

Later on in the afternoon, once the heat wave came around I decided to take a breather and step inside and talk about the dangers of bullying with my personal pal and our very own play by play announcer John Bartlett.

I hope everyone over at the York Regional Police Leadership camp has a very safe and fun time at camp, and I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you all again soon!


. . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Anyone who considers themselves a member of Leaf’s Nation, knows there is only one summer hockey school that provides children with the opportunity to skate alongside current and former Maple Leafs, experience special VIP Toronto Maple Leaf's surprise theme days… and this hockey school is of course …

The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey School presented by Rogers!

This Hockey School is unlike any other. The Toronto Maple Hockey School presented by Rogers provides a comprehensive, total hockey experience for children in a fun and educational environment. The goal at Hockey School is to instill in young athletes a delicate balance of all skill attributes and produce passionate players with the leadership, teamwork, and attitude that characterize a successful hockey player!

I feel incredibly fortunate to have attended this Hockey School for the last 4 seasons, especially this year on Marlies day!

To me Fans, Marlies Day means two things:

#1 that everyone there had a dog of a fun time


And #2 the return of Duke Gardens! (our very own mini stick inflatable hockey rink) Not to wag my own tail or anything, but I definitely learned a few new goaltending techniques yesterday from special guest and long-time idol Johnny Bower!

I had a FANatically fun time participating in all the super awesome Toronto Marlies hockey activities. My Paw goes out to all the Novice and Atom participants for being so amazingly talented and nice! I truly enjoyed spending the day with all you pals :)


. . .

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

This is the 20th edition of my Blog! Not to brag or anything, but my home country of Canada decided to throw me a party in honour of this momentous celebration.... I’m just not sure as to why they called it Canada Day and not Duke Day.

Last Thursday, I had a ball, playing ball hockey at the Five Hole for Food tournament. I was over the moon when I found out that this event was building awareness andcollecting donations for Second Harvest. Second Harvest picks up excess fresh food that would otherwise go to waste, and delivers it to approximately 250 social service programs across the GTA. I could not stop drooling over all the wonderful donations that were made throughout the day!

As promised, the game itself was super fun and friendly! Even Marlies superstar PA announcer Simon was there as we both anchored our team’s blue line together. I finished the game with four blocked, shots, one assist, and three imaginary goals! I was happy as a flea in a dog house!

The Fan of the Game award was presented to Jo-Ann for all her Marlies Spirit! Hope you enjoy my game used stick and keep sporting all that Marlies gear!

My paw goes out to all my fellow Canadian canine friends as we celebrate and honour the fact that we are the true north strong and free!


. . .

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I spent some quality time with my friends over at The Islamic Foundation of Toronto, as we celebrated the fact that school's out for the summer!

This event was called a Grand Mela. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a Grand Mela, it is a celebratory event and or gathering.



This terrific Grand Mela featured hundreds of young passionate Marlie fans, lots of fun-filled inflatable jumpy jump’s, tons of outdoor sporting events and one amazingly delicious BBQ!

The Bark out loud or BOL for short, funny moment of the day was when I tried to fit inside the inflatable jumpy jumpy, but needed the assistance of not one, not two, but three strong teachers to help pull back my big silly ears from getting in the way... It was soo funny that afterwards my tail could not stop wagging!

This week's round of A-PAWS goes out to Mr. Qureshi for all his hard work and commitment in creating a wonderful event for so many awesome kids!


. . .

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 



Hey Fans :)

It's #75 in your programs, but #1 in your hearts, Duke the Dog here!

I wanna let you, the coolest fans in hockey, in on a little secret.......

I heard about this SUPER COOL Ball Hockey Tournament called Five Hole For Food! And Guess what, Its taking place across our wondeful country this summer and it will make a special stop In Toronto for CANADA DAY!

This dog on Fun tournanment takes place this Thursday July 1st at Withrow Park, with festivties starting at 3 p.m. sharp! Proceeds from this event benefit local communities!

Can't wait to see you all there :)



Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74


. . .

Monday, June 28, 2010 

Hey Fans:)

Whenever I'm not in doggie day care learning new moves for Marlies games, I like to volunteer at one of the world’s largest and greatest hospitals for children in need of health care. The hospital for Sick Children in Toronto!


This magnificent hospital is known around the world for its excellent patient care, leading-edge research, teaching and training some of the best health care workers of tomorrow.

Yesterday's visit allowed me to join some amazing friends as we played two fun games of Bingo.

I really enjoyed, calling out the lucky numbers and playing with the super cool prizes!

My paw goes out to all the boys and girls at Sick Children’s Hospital, as I wish them all a heartfelt speedy recovery! 


On Sunday, I felt with the dog days of summer fast apooching, that a great way to enjoy the outdoors would be to play a classic game of baseball and to party it up at Parkview Hills Picnic!

This far FETCHED baseball game called The Rod Black Softball Charity Classic for Plan Canada, took place at Sesqui Centennial Park in Brampton, and all proceeds from this game benefited PLAN Canada. Plan Canada, is one of the worlds oldest and largest international development organizations that supports social justice for children in the developing world.

This ball game featured a long list of super cool celebrities! This star-studded roster included numerous Toronto sports legends, such as: Wendell Clark, Rick Vaive, Michael Pinball Clemons, Matt Dunigan and the RAPTOR from the Toronto Raptors.

Its important to remember fans, that in a friendly game of baseball, individual statistics do not matter...

Oh, ya I forgot to mention that unless of course you score a run! My a pawlogies go out to the opposing team for giving up one awesome run by ME!...

Later on in the day, my tail wagging fun adventure shifted over to Parkview Hills for the 20th anniversary of their community Picnic presented by Rona!

Where yours truly, DJ Duke the Dog took over the tunes at the DJ booth.


This event also marked the return of Duke Gardens! In honor of the world cup hype, we transformed the inflatable hockey rink into an inflatable soccer field. Did you know that it only takes 5 seconds to complete the transformation?

My weekend round of A-PAWS goes out to the lovely volunteers, participants, and sponsors, from both events for their “Passion That Unites As All” (Toronto Maple Leafs)! Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74


. . .

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 

Hey Fans:)

Yesterday, I had an Ear-flopping adventure, as I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Golf Classic at Angus Glen Golf Club!

Even though it felt like it was raining cats and dogs for most of the day: several Maple Leaf Alumni still came out to help raise funds and awareness for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment charity, Team Up Foundation. Team Up Foundation will use these funds to help support underprivileged children attend Camp Maple Leaf summer camp.

Leaf legends Darryl Sittler, Rick Vaive, Wendel Clark and even my all time favourite Leaf alumni ...... 


You guessed it! Johnny Bower, were all in attendance to name a few.

My favourite parts of the day were greeting the participants and hanging out with the band and one very delightful Toronto Maple Leafs cheerleader! 


Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74


. . .

Friday, June 18, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

It’s a Moose….Its a Griffin…Its everyone’s favorite party animal , Duke the Dog here!

Yesterday, I helped my pack of friends over at Millwood Public School get ready for the summer by celebrating a successful school year with an awesome BBQ in support of the YMCA!


Because it was such a beautiful day outside I felt like a hotdog …I mean a hot dog! But besides the great weather, what really made my day was spending it with so many wonderful children who joined me, as I played around in the field and hanging out with all my fans!

My paw goes out to all the wonderful teachers who generously volunteered their own time to put together a Fun BBQ! It was soo amazingly far –FETCHED..…I never thought that hanging out with a bunch of teachers could be this fun!
Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74


. . .

Monday, June 14, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

My tail is still wagging from the great time I had last weekend, as I attended a fundraiser in support of War Child Canada on Friday and the Walk to Cure Diabetes on Sunday!

War Child works with children all over the world to reduce poverty, to provide education and to defend their rights. They strive to help children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict, by providing these children with the means to build a brighter future.

At the Fundraiser there were tons of great raffle and door prizes, some super tasty treats and lots of fun and up beat music that really got the crowd up and on their feet dancing!

On Sunday, I attended the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. This walk unites communities across Canada to help find a cure for diabetes. Last year, the walk brought together over 45,000 Canadians and raised over $7.5 million.

The walk to Cure Diabetes cure means a lot to me because some of my dear friends unfortunately suffer from diabetes. I felt honored to lead of the race and really enjoyed greeting and dancing with my fans!

It was truly great to see so many happy people, contributing to such a wonderful cause!
Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74


. . .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 

Hey Fans :)

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend two more wonderful Fun Fairs!

Friday night, I spent some quality time with my friends from the Leslieville Public School! The fair featured tons of fun games and activities! The best part for me was playing peek a boo, thumb wars and hide and  go seek with some of my younger friends!

But my tail really got wagging, when one of the fans was lucky enough to win an awesome Toronto Marlies package! This prize package included a FREE SUITE at any regular season Marlies Game!

Saturday's Fun Fair also featured tons of fun and exciting activities! An  astonishing five inflatable jumpy jumpys were on hand!  As well, some stellar hockey skills were also on display at the fair, courtesy of Duke Gardens! Our very own inflatable mini stick arena, which allows children of all ages the opportunity to partake in a safe and fun game of hockey!

My weekend round of A - PAWS goes out to all the volunteers who proved to be vital in creating a fun and successful fair!
Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Monday, June 7, 2010 
Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I had another double-header edition of fun filled events, as I attended not one, but two Fun Fairs!

With the weather unfortunately looking frightful :( Unionville Meadows Public School decided to bring the party inside!

In the gymnasium, fans were treated to some awesome games, face painting, Elmo from Sesame Street, and great hockey games at DUKE GARDENS (our very own inflatable hockey rink)!

Later on in the evening I attended the Rolph Road School and was pleasantly surprised to see that hundreds of children were treated to so many wonderful dance tunes, raffles, games, and inflatables!

My favorite part was...

You guessed it! Having a dog of a fun time in the inflatable jumpy jumpy! My paw goes out to all the wonderful volunteers and supporters at both events for all their hard work and dedication in providing everyone with a fun time for the whole family!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I went out to the Tim Horton’s at 481 University Avenue in Toronto in support of Tim Horton’s Camp Day!

Tim Horton's Camp Day is an annual one day event, when Tim Hortons Store Owners across Canada and the United States donate every penny from coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children's Foundation. In 2009, Camp Day raised more than $9.4 million CDN ($8.5 million U.S.). Tim Horton Children’s Foundation sends more than 14,000 kids who could otherwise not afford it on the camping adventure of a lifetime!

I was joined by two of Toronto finest police officers and two very delightful Toronto Argonaut Cheerleaders! Also, I am proud to announce that I set a record for the most coffees consumed by a dog in one day... My grand total of the day came out to one imaginary coffee!

Don't forget to join me.... Toronto’s favorite 6'10" York Town Terrier dog June 5th at 35 Glenroy Avenue in Toronto from 11am - 2pm. I give this event two paws up, as you the fans will have the opportunity to win a FREE PRIVATE SUITE for your choice of a 2010/11 regular season Toronto Marlies game. As well Fans, you will be able to play some AWESOME GAMES, take part in a great SILENT AUCTION and meet a TORONTO MARLIES PLAYER!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .
Monday, May 31, 2010 
Hey Fans :)

Yesterday, I was joined by some of my fellow canine friends as we took part in the Lions Foundation of Canada Purina Walk for Dog Guides!

This event has taken place since 1985 and is held in over 170 communities throughout Canada!

This is truly an amazing initiative as it helps raise donations for Dog Guide Programs! These programs train dogs to develop their canine vision, hearing and other special skills, such as autism assistance. These services provide people who suffer with physical and medical disabilities with the gift of mobility, safety and independence!

One of the major contributors who helped make this service free to all Canadians is Purina. The great folks at Purina also provided us with some wonderful gourmet treats! Unfortunately... only us dogs found them truly delicious though!

My weekly round-of-aPAWS goes out to all the wonderful volunteers, sponsors and dog trainers who help make this event a walk in the park every year!
Don’t forget to purchase your very own Duke the Dog plush toy at the recently opened Real Sports Apparel store located @ Maple Leaf Square - 15 York Street Toronto Ontario (outside Air Canada Centre)

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .
Monday, May 25, 2010 
Hey Fans Last Saturday, I was joined by The Toronto Marlies The Game Is Fun Tour as we attended the 21st annual Asian Hockey Championship and Cultural Event! This year’s tournament included 38 teams and over 500 hockey players from across Ontario and throughout Canada!

I had a blast playing in net in our inflatable mini stick arena… and due to my tremendous success, I will now refer to it as Duke Gardens!

I also really enjoyed playing ice hockey alongside all the wonderful and talented youth participants.

This event was not all about hockey, though!  Yakudos traditional Taiko Japanese drumming really got the crowd excited and the beautiful cultural arts and crafts were both bright and colorful!

I would  also like to give a round of APAWS to The AHC and their supporters for generously raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .
Monday, May 17, 2010 
Hey Fans I hope you all had a great weekend – mine was FANtastic!

On Saturday, I had awesome time at the Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) Community Picnic and Open House Event at the 43 Division Station!

This annual event provides families with a fun filled day while promoting community policing in Scarborough.

I was joined by my close friend and older brother Carlton the Bear from the Toronto Maple Leafs along with some of Toronto’s finest men and women from the Police force.

I really enjoyed watching the live gymnastics show and checking out all the cool face painted designs…But my favourite part was hanging out with all my buddies in the Jumpy Jumpy!

Sunday, I took part in the 12th Annual Danforth BIA Charity Road Hockey Challenge, where the game of Ball hockey took over Danforth Avenue in effort to raise money for Reach for the Rainbow and W.A.V.E. Charities!

I had a blast watching the Toronto Marlies Staff kick some tail in the Ball Hockey Tournament.…..But I had an even better time playing in net against some of my young fans some of which, who were playing hockey for the very first time!

I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers, donors and participants who helped make this event a lot of fun and a huge success!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Hey Fans   :)
Last weekend, I took part in three awesome events!
The first event I attended was the Toronto Police 22 Division Family BBQ Day. It was really rainy and windy, but that didn't stop the fun as we moved into the garage. There I hung out with my old buddies Elmer the Safety Elephant, Sparky the Fire Dog, Alex from the Exhibition Place and Pat Troll from the Toronto Police Department!
Then I made my way over to the Fun School in Port Credit, where I took part In some great family fun activities! They had tons of inflatable’s, games and a super delicious BBQ! It was great to see so many young children and their families having such a fun time!
Last but certainly not least, I finished off a wonderful day of fun at the Camilla Road Senior Public School!  There I helped promote the important message of living a healthy and active lifestyle! I really enjoyed playing ball hockey in net against the students and stoping Camilla the Tiger from scoring a goal!
Although, I must say that in both the basketball and volleyball game, Camilla made my jump shot and my serve look like something you would see in a blooper reel!
That’s all for now, catch me at my next event on May 15  for the 43 CPLC  Picnic from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM at 433 Lawrence Avenue East  Scarborough Ontario.

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .
Sunday, May 2, 2010
Hey fans!

Today, I had a double header of fun-filled events. It started off bright and early in Oakville, on Lakeshore Blvd. for the Bank Bed Race.

Thanks to numerous fund-raising initiatives put forth by the major banks in the GTA. This event raised over $100,000 in support of the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, which is just one of the many fine hospitals that I go to if I ever hurt one of my paws.

Later on in the day, I arrived back in Toronto and supported the Angel Foundation Community Fun Walk, in support of student nutrition programs. My favorite part was jumping up and down in the inflatable jumpy-jump castle with all the kids!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Saturday, May 1, 2010
Hey fans!

I had tons of fun today in Thornhill at the Rosemount Community Centre for the City of Vaughan Give and Go event. This event had youths take on celebrities in a basketball game. Some of the celebrties included Shawn Desmon, Kardinal Offishall, And me the coolest, most sophisticated pup in town!

It was great to see so much support from the fans and from the wonderful volunteers as well!
Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Friday, April 30, 2010
Hey fans!

Yesterday morning, I was out for my daily stroll around the beautiful streets of Toronto, when all of a sudden....... I stumbled upon this amazing ball hockey game! Matt from CP 24 along with Marlies graduate and current Toronto Maple Leaf Johnny Mitchell were there playing ball hockey in support of Princess Margret Hospital's upcoming event, Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer. I stepped in as goalie andmade save after save... but let in a few to make them feel good ;)

Overall, it was a really fun event for a great cause and I'm glad I got to take part in it!

Thanks to all the fans that took part in the Pizza Pizza Slices for Smiles event the other day too! It too was a huge success thanks to people like you!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Hey fans! :)

If your nearby or just looking for some great kibble! Stop by the Pizza Pizza located at 60 Wellington St., @ Church St., Toronto ON M5E 1C7 at 2pm and grab a slice or two with me your favorite Marlies' Pooch AND with my older brother from the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS CARLTON THE BEAR!!

Can't wait to see you all there!

Click here to view photos

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Hey fans!

It's your favorite pooch here, Duke The Dog!

I had a really fun filled day at the Lorne Park Secondary School and at the Hockey Expo today. I really enjoyed hanging out and giving paw to all the Lorne Park Hockey Association award winners and their fans:).

At the Hockey Expo, I enjoyed walking around off leash and playing hockey and floorball with some fans!

Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

Monday, April 26, 2010
Hey fans - It's your favorite pooch here - Duke The Dog :)

Today, I had a lot of fun cleaning up Liberty Village, by picking up garbage, in support of Earth Day!!

The best part was meeting lots of new and exciting people along the way and seeing their passion and love for our environment.

Hope you're all doing you part to keep our community clean too!

Your pal, Duke the Dog, #74

. . .

On the inflatable slide, I gave a PAWfect example of how you should NOT go down the slide!




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