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What’s up Dogs :)

My name is Duke The Dog, but you can call me Duke for short. I am proud and honoured to be the official mascot of the Toronto Marlies. Throughout the year, I have the PAWleasure of attending and cheering on the Toronto Marlies at every home game and at hundreds of community events across Ontario. The best part of all is that I even get to spend quality time with you, the coolest fans in hockey!

So next time your celebrating a special event, charity event or even if you just looking for a dog on fun time, make sure to email me at duke@torontomarlies.com I’m all EARS and remember fans without you, my tail would have no wag!

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Here is a list of some of my most frequently asked questions:

How old am I: simple, I’m actually a puppy for life!

How tall am I : standing on my two hind legs I’m 6’-6”

How much do I weigh:
Next question please… approximately one BONEillion

Do I shoot left or right: Right Paw….But sometimes I use my other paw

What’s my Position on the team: Official Mascot and watch DOG for the Marlies goal net

What Breed of dog am I:
I’m a Yorktown Terrier

What’s my diet:
BreakFEAST: I start my day off with a full bowl of Moose and Griffin formulated kibble.
For lunch and Dinner: a Chilli DOG, hot DOG and a corn DOG. For snack I usually have an entire DOGGIE bags worth of popcorn.

What do I enjoy reading: The Marlies Newsletter, Dukes Dog Pound Newsletter, Pure Bred Monthly (but mostly for the pictures)

What puppy school did I attend: Fortunately for me I graduated from Kennel High School with top dog honors and completed my PEDIGREE in POOCHalogy at DUKE University.

What is my favorite Sport: That’s easy, hockey…but I love anything as long as it is far FETCHED!

Favorite Past Time: Hanging out in LEAFS NATION and showing off my ALPHA DOG skills around Bulldogs.

What are my favorite Songs: Hound DOG by Elvis Presely, DOGS by Pink Floyd
And my all time favorite, Who Let The DOGS out by the Baha Men.

What are my favorite Movies:
Cats and DOGS, Beetohven, 101 Dalmations and of course Marley and Me

Would you like to meet Duke in person?

If you’re interested in booking Duke the Dog for a special appearance, please download the Request Form and fax to:

Michael Carlesimo

Coordinator, Community & Game Operations

Toronto Marlies Hockey Club

Fax: (416) 263-3901


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