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Christian Hanson
February 22, 2010

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Hey fans,

I know most people were watching the Canada vs. U.S. game  on Sunday but I actually I didn’t watch it. I was at the Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck concert with my Marlies teammate Brennan Evans. Hated to miss the big game, but the concert was awesome. I’m a huge music buff and to have an opportunity to go see Clapton and Beck, well, you just can’t pass that up!

It was a really good concert and it was pretty neat because Jeff Beck was up there for 45 minutes just jamming on the guitar the entire time and he didn’t say a single word. I like that kind of music so it was also pretty cool to see Clapton who is one of the best guitar players of all-time.

I’ve caught quite a few movies recently and although it is hard to admit, I watched Valentine’s Day last week with Viktor Stalberg. I think we were the only two guys in the movie theatre! It was a pretty good flick, I enjoyed it and he agrees with me!

It wasn’t the only movie that we saw last week, we also watched When In Rome, another chick flick and From Paris With Love starring John Travolta. 

This week we will probably go see a couple of movies, one of them being Shutter Island.

I know a movie that is getting a lot of attention these days is Avatar. It’s a really cool movie and I thought it was awesome but the best movie that I’ve seen lately is The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It was the one Heath Ledger was doing when he passed away. Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell took over his role and I think that movie was awesome. I would give it two fists up!

My parents were up here this past weekend and they came to the games Friday and Saturday. They come down about once a month or once every six weeks depending on the schedule.

I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics and my mom is a huge fan too. She stays up until like 3 a.m. - to watch curling! After the game on Saturday night we stayed in and even though my dad went to bed at like 11:30, I watched with my mom until 2 a.m.

The next visitors I will have in Toronto will be my sisters when they come up for my birthday in March. My dad won’t be able to get off work during the week (Hanson appearances and running a sports facility in Pittsburgh) so I think it will just be my sisters.

Catcha ya next time!




February 12, 2010

Hey fans,

I haven’t checked in since I got the callup to the Leafs so I wanted to let you in on what I’ve been up to of late and how I found out I was going to be back with the Leafs.

When all the trades were happening on that Sunday, I was watching it on TV and we shipped away four forwards and we just brought back Freddie I kind of did a numbers thing and realized there would be some spots open.

Coach Eakins called me on Monday morning just before Noon and told me a call may be coming and just to be ready for Tuesday’s game. About nine o’clock that Monday he called and told me I was in. His words of advice for me? Don’t lose your face-offs.

I think I’ve been doing pretty good so far. I really took the time to work on face-offs throughout college by watching a lot of film on the successful guys in the NHL.

It’s such a valuable part of the game and a lot of people don’t realize how important they are. There is over 40 face-offs a game and that is a lot of time your team can start with the puck.

How about the New Orleans Saints? Myself, Dion Phaneuf and Garnet Exelby went out for dinner where we caught a bit of the game before we went back to Dion’s place to watch the rest. I was cheering for the Saints and they held their own and pulled it off!

I’m not sure if I will be getting the Olympic break off or if I will be back playing with the Marlies.
If I do get the break I will head back to Pittsburgh and spend time with my family and gear up for the final stretch. If not I will take a day or two off and wait for the guys to get back from Manitoba and then get back to work with them.

Regardless of where I will be, I will be watching the Olympics. I like to watch a lot of the other events that you don’t get to see often including all the skiing events.

Most people don’t know this but for the first few years we lived on Gore Mountain which is a ski resort that my dad managed in North Creek, NY. We had the only house on the resort so we would go skiing all the time and my sisters became pretty competitive skiers. Every night after the resort closed we would go sledding and I was always around the snow and I loved it.

In men’s hockey I’m sticking with my pride and going with Team USA. I don’t think Ron would be happy if I said otherwise. Sorry Canada!

Before I go, I’ve been getting asked lately about my beard. I cut my hair and when the hair went bye-bye I started to grow the beard but I think I’m going to cut it off soon. I feel bad actually because my mom bought me an electric shaver for Christmas and I only used it once so far.

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