10 Questions with Stefano Giliati

September 15, 2009 caught up with Stefano Giliati to see what he’s been up to this summer and how training camp is going. The Marlies forward answered 10 questions ranging from his thoughts on how Rookie Camp went in Kitchener last week, his summer and his most memorable moment from last season.

Last week you participated in the Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Camp up in Kitchener, what was that like and what did you learn?

Stefano: The rookie camp was a good experience and it was nice to get back on the ice and playing again. It was my second camp with the Leafs and I took on more of a leadership role this time around because of all the younger guys there. We didn’t win many games, but I feel that we have some great prospects and we were competitive throughout the entire camp.

What did you get up to this past summer?

Stefano: The summer was pretty good for me. I went on vacation with my girlfriend down to Turks & Cacao. It was a great time and the weather was amazing. I also played a lot of golf back home in Montreal. There are some really nice courses there and it was a fun time. But basically it was great to relax and spend time with my friends and family in Montreal.

What was your most memorable moment from the 2008-09 season?

Stefano: Definitely when I scored my first AHL goal. It was nice because I scored in Toronto and even better because all my family was at the game. It was nice to have my family there to see it. I was also real happy about the team making the playoffs. The final week of the season was a lot of fun because the race between us and Syracuse was tight and came down to our last weekend of the season.

How has the training been going so far this offseason and do you have a workout partner?

Stefano: Training went pretty well. I don’t have a workout partner, but I do work out with a personal trainer. His name is Ken Tran. He’s the best trainer around so it was awesome to work with him and he really pushed me every day. We worked out about five times a week, all off-ice training. I also trained on a wax-skating treadmill at Athletic Republic in Montreal. It was a different approach to training and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

What were your top five songs from the summer?

Sexy Chick – Akon
Beautiful – Akon
All the above – Maino
Hotel Room Service - Pitbull
Any Kanye West song

Do you have any pre or post game rituals?

I don’t really have any rituals besides sleeping before games. I’ve never put much stock into rituals. I’ve always felt that if you rely on rituals and superstition, you’re not showing confidence in yourself, so I try to avoid that stuff.

What are your favourite places (restaurants/hangouts) in Toronto? What do you like most about living in Toronto?

Stefano: There are a few restaurants in Toronto that I like a lot - The Magic Oven and Itz A Wrap which are both in Liberty Village. I also go to the movies a lot. Two of my favourite movies this summer were District Nine and The Hangover. Besides that I spend a lot of time with my teammates and roommates, usually just hanging out or playing video games. They’re good guys and I enjoy spending time with them.

What’s your favourite road city to play in and why?

Stefano: I really like playing in Manitoba. They usually have a bigger crowd and it’s fun to play in that type of atmosphere every time we are in Winnipeg. Houston is also nice because of the weather.

Are you looking forward to the Marlies exhibition tournament in Edinburgh, Scotland?

Stefano: I am, but hopefully I’ll still be up playing with the big club.

If you weren’t playing hockey for a living, what would you do?

Stefano:I think I’d like to own my own gym or be a personal trainer. I could even see myself getting into body-building, but something involving sports or athletics for sure. If that stuff didn’t work out, I’d love to own an Italian restaurant. I love Italian food and I think I would be pretty good at running an Italian restaurant.

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